Marketing Management Course


  • 7 Days (1 hr/day) Course
  • Indian Instructor Led
  • Language: Hindi/English
  • Notes & e-PDFs
  • Mini Project
  • Hard copy Certificate


Course Outline: Learn Marketing Management Online via Instructor Led Program. In this course you can learn how businesses create value for customers, major elements of the marketing mix – product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing – and see how they fit within different analytical frameworks that are useful to managers. This will enhance your understanding of how marketing works in the business world. (Note: We care for your schedule and so in this course a trainer will be assigned to the student enrolled and course will start as per student convenient date and timing).

Marketing Management is a course revolving around various concepts of marketing strategies, practices and new techniques which vary with the demands and needs of the consumers. The course helps students in learning about the marketing process which involves planning, pricing and promoting the goods and services to the target market. Marketing Management course focuses on activities like promotional techniques, cost cutting mechanisms as well as customer creation and retention by careful analysis and forecasting of market situations. Students can also understand the role of marketing in other areas of an organization such as production, sales & distribution, operations through a course in Marketing Management.

Scope of Marketing Management in India and Abroad

Learn Marketing Management course opens the gateway to various marketing opportunities. Marketing Management has been the gateway for the most popular job profiles since years. India is growing rapidly as a corporate hub, making marketing a very beneficial career. A marketing profession includes evaluating current market dynamics, formulating business growth marketing plans, and placing in place techniques to maximize productivity and market development. The various work openings are project managers, marketing managers, industry analysts, sales managers, and many others. under the marketing profile. Roles include creating marketing strategies, planning them, implementing them and looking after the complete system of marketing. After completing the Marketing Management course, an individual can opt to work as any of the following:

  • Brand Manager– The job requires ensuring that their products or services and their branding strategies resonate with their target customers. A brand manager plays a very important role in the growth of the company by using the customer’s reviews and trend research to create strategies that will change how people perceive the brand. This usually involves looking for advertising, design and events. Brand managers are responsible for making sure that branding is consistent across advertising and campaigns.

  • Marketing Manager – The role of a marketing manager is to ensure that the potential clients are contacted regularly and communication is smooth between them. Marketing managers look over the products and services and how their marketing is being done. Meeting the potential clients and customers, looking out for their demands and needs and keeping the company’s terms and conditions in front of them in a smooth way is the job of the marketing managers.

  • Market Research Analyst– The job involves studying the conditions of the current market scenario and creating strategies considering the potential sales and customers. Doing market research to figure out the needs and demands of the customers, current marketing trends, future possible trends is the part of their job.

  • Work in an emerging start-up – The career path of working in an emerging startup is always the first step towards learning and growth. Working in an emerging startup will provide a platform for growth and advancing the working and professional skills.

  • Establish their own start-up– After completing the marketing management course, a new business could be started as a start-up. Starting your own business will boost the confidence of working as a professional. Above Text Source: Careers360 

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