SQL Database Programming Course


  • 14 Days (1 hr/day) Course
  • Indian Instructor Led
  • Language: Hindi/English
  • Notes & e-PDFs
  • Mini Project
  • Hard copy Certificate


Course Outline: Learn SQL Database Programming Course Online via Instructor Led Program. In this course you can learn to use SQL for effective programming. Topics will be provide working examples.(Note: We care for your schedule and so in this course a trainer will be assigned to the student enrolled and course will start as per student convenient date and timing).

Learn SQL Database Programming Course which includes following topics:

Structured Query Language (SQL)
Introduction To SQL
Introduction Database
Understanding DBMS vs RDBMS
Gone through SQL Standards
Sub languages of SQL

About SQL*Plus and use of developer tool

  • Datatypes in Oracle
  • Operators in Oracle

Data Retrieval Techniques

  • How to use select statement in different ways to retrieve records?
  • Working with Column alias
  • Working with Table alias
  • Data filtering and sorting with in single table
  • Clauses and its types in oracle
  • Having clause
  • For update clause
  • From clause
  • Group by clause
  • Order by clause
  • Using clause
  • Constraint clause

Integrity Constraints

  • Types of integrity constraints
  • Not null
  • Unique key
  • Primary key
  • Referential integrity
  • Check integrity Built In Functions
  • Understanding Single row functions
  • Types of single row functions
  • String functions
  • Date functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Conversion functions
  • Special functions
  • Analytical functions
  • Working with multi row functions

 Data Aggregation

  • aggregate function
  •  group by clause
  • Working with having clause
  • Difference between WHERE and HAVING clause

Importance Of JOIN

Set Operators And Pseudo Columns:

  •  Sub Queries
  • Importance of sub queries
  • Using different types of sub queries
  • Single row sub queries
  • Multi row sub queries
  • Nested queries
  • Multi column sub queries
  • Correlated sub queries
  • Using inline views and scal

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