Flexible Pavement Design Course


  • 5 Days (1 hr/day) Course
  • Indian Instructor Led
  • Language: Hindi/English
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Course Outline: Learn Flexible Pavement Design Online via Instructor Led Program. In this course you can learn about Indian Flexible Pavement Design as per IRC code. Calculation of applied stresses and strain below pavement layers and their comparison from theoretical pavement stress and Strain. A complete knowledge of pavement thickness design as well as its optimization which can save cost and quantity in any highway design project. The pavement has been modeled as a three layer structure and stresses and strains at critical locations have been computed using the linear elastic structural model (Note: We care for your schedule and so in this course a trainer will be assigned to the student enrolled and course will start as per student convenient date and timing).

Flexible pavements are so named because the total pavement structure deflects, or flexes, under loading. A flexible pavement structure is typically composed of several layers of materials. Each layer receives loads from the above layer, spreads them out, and passes on these loads to the next layer below. Thus the stresses will be reduced, which are maximum at the top layer and minimum on the top of subgrade. In order to take maximum advantage of this property, layers are usually arranged in the order of descending load bearing capacity with the highest load bearing capacity material (and most expensive) on the top and the lowest load bearing capacity material (and least expensive) on the bottom.
Source: IIT Bombay Website

Flexible Pavement Design Engineering
S no. Course
1 Fundamentals of Flexible Pavement Design
2 Excel Design Sheet Creation
3 Conventional Traditional Design (BC+DBM+WMM+GSB)
4 Pavement Thickness Optimization
5 Design Traffic Load Stresses and Strain
6 Pavement Diagram & Linking with Sheet
7 How to use IRC Pavement Design Charts ?
8 How to find Effective CBR Value ?
9 Design via IIT-Pave and Checking of stresses
10 Impact of Air Voids and Bitumen Content on Design

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