AutoCAD Civil 3D Highway Design Course


  • 14 Days (1 hr/day) Course
  • Indian Instructor Led
  • Language: Hindi/English
  • Notes & e-PDFs
  • Mini Project
  • Hard copy Certificate


Course Outline: Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D Online via Instructor Led Program. In this course you can learn about road geometry creation, alignment design, highway alignment design, road design, terrain creation, ground mapping, digital terrain modelling, corridor creation, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, cost and quantity estimates, intersection modelling, 3D Road modelling, plan and profile sheet creation and cross section sheet creation. (Note: We care for your schedule and so in this course a trainer will be assigned to the student enrolled and course will start as per student convenient date and timing).

Autodesk Civil 3D Course Highlights:

  • Navigate AutoCAD Civil 3D user interface
  • Terrain Creation/Ground Mapping
  • Terrain from Excel file and Total Station Survey Data
  • Horizontal Geometry Creation
  • Vertical Geometry Creation
  • Modelling Intersections
  • 3D Road Modelling
  • Quantity Estimates
  • Plan and Profile Sheets
  • Cross-Section Sheets

AutoCAD Civil 3D Capabilities:

  • Survey: Download, create, analyze and adjust survey data. Streamline the transfer of field-captured data to the office.
  • Corridor modelling: Create dynamic, flexible 3D models of road corridors. Simulate driving through the corridor and visually evaluate sight distance and influence analysis.
  • Intersection design: Create dynamic models of 3-way (T-shaped) or 4-way intersections. Model roundabouts according to standards that blend with existing or planned roads.
  • Drainage design: Perform storm water management tasks, including storm sewer design. Define pipeline paths, optimized with hydraulics/hydrology analysis.
  • Road rehabilitation: Automate assembly generation for your rehab corridor design model. Optimize mill and overlay to balance costs vs. performance.
  • Design automation: Use visual programming to generate re-usable scripts that automate repetitive and complex tasks
  • Materials and quantities: Use materials information to create reports for volumes along an alignment, comparing design and existing ground surfaces and quantity take-off.
  • Plan production and documentation: Create plan production sheets that automatically display station ranges of alignments and profiles that are based on predefined areas along an alignment. Above Text Source:

Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D course which has been designed considering the needs of the professionals such as engineers, designers, surveyors, analysts, land developers and CAD technicians, who wish to learn and explore the usage and abilities of AutoCAD Civil 3D in their respective domains.  Autodesk Civil 3D is the most preferred BIM Software for Civil Engineering. The BIM solution in AutoCAD Civil 3D helps create and visualize a coordinated data model. This data model can then be used to design and analyze a civil engineering project for its optimum and cost-effective performance. The Civil 3D software is a solution that creates civil engineering design and documentation that supports Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows.

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